Anurag Anand: Man who writes gripping stories | Author Interview


  Anurag Anand is a prolific author, a corporate professional and a devout family man, who finds himself shuttling between Pennsylvania, where his family is settled and Gurugram. Two of his works the Legend of Amrapali and the Quest for Nothing have made it to the final shortlist in the past editions of the Crossword Book Awards. …

The art of Book reviewing | Blogpost by Pranav Pandey

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Internet is flooded with various publishing houses, authors and third-party dealers offering review copies of books to those who have a knack of reading, in exchange for honest views. The situation is a win-win for both parties; authors benefit by making their work reach out to masses and book reviewers get to feast on different …

Ways to build Social Media Presence | Blogpost by Eivine Renny

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Social media! It is the magic wand that helps you get noticed, build your business, promote your brand, increase your popularity, find job opportunities, flaunt your talents, find new friends, share your recent pictures and what not! The possibilities of social media are endless! The most popular social media platforms are Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, …

Writing the perfect Synopsis and Blurb | Blogpost by Apurva Tupdale

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Author’s fear – Synopsis and blurb! Are they important to you? Absolutely!   One gets your story published and the other helps you to sell your story. However, many of us either loose our way while writing these or mix them together. A huge blunder can be avoided by simply planning out the process. Honestly, it is only writing …

The Rising Culture of Open Mics | Blogpost by Shrikant Damani


“Art is the daughter of freedom” –Friedrich Schiller   Artists have been pioneering the reflecting and capturing of Zeitgeists of their respective times for as long as we have had documented history. Through the evolution of the various art forms throughout the past centuries, one thing that has been an immutable part of an artist …

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