These Whodunits Are Not-to-Miss!

Murder on the orient express

Almost each one of us has once been a big fan of detective novels until it checked our patience of being held agog. But someone like me who is actual lover of this genre, still remembers putting themselves to sleep reading Sherlock Holmes. But growing up, I realized there are actually several great works in …

“Seeds of writing were sown in my mind when I read ‘Oliver Twist’, and I wanted to write about Fagin”  – Kevin Missal


  Kevin Missal is a young writer, all of twenty-one years, who has already penned four bestselling books. His latest publication, “Dharmayoddha Kalki” has fetched him immense love and fan-following. Having written in genres of fantasy, mystery and horror, Kevin advises young writers to read lots of fantasy and history to be able to write fantasy …

April Fool’s Day – Significance in 2018

April Fool's Day

  A couple of years ago in Bangalore, a private radio station announced that it was conducting a sale of sorts on April 1st, where anything you buy was for one rupee only. Anything from refrigerator to a car was just one single rupee. The station kept repeating the announcement during every break and even …

10 things I learnt in my early 20’s

A photo of thoughtful woman sitting on window sill. Young female is holding digital tablet while looking away. She is wearing casuals in brightly lit room.

  I have always wanted to write this blog after I stepped in to the late 20’s this year. But some or the other things always took more importance than this and this one got shelved. Nevertheless, this blog finally took shape and here it goes..   1. Make your own decisions : This is …

Dignity in Life, Dignity in Death


  A few days ago, a news caught the attention of everyone.  An elderly couple from Thakurdwar, near Charni Road, Mumbai had written to the President’s office seeking permission for “active euthanasia”.  They wanted the President to give them the right to die.   This was more of intriguing because the elderly couple, wife Iravate …

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