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If you have been wondering if there is a difference between the content writer and a creative writer, be rest assured that there are many. Knowing the difference is not only mandatory but also crucial. It affects the way you perceive your project. So, what are they?


Focus: When you are a content writer, you always have a task at hand. Your writing will be focused on marketing a product, or presenting facts and figures, and having an opinion about them or be completely neutral. If you are a creative writer, your readers are your priority, you focus is to connect with your reader, make them feel the emotions that you are penning down.


Language: Your language is more formal, direct and easy to understand, as a content writer. You do not want your audience to get caught up in flowery language and misunderstand your point of view. The simpler you write, the easier it is for the audience. Creative writing tends to use a lot of literary devices, such as metaphors, dialects. You use these to makes the readers relate to the characters, adapt to conversational slangs to make it more relatable, especially if you are writing screenplays. Language gets sophisticated in case of poetry.


Style: An easy way to identify content writing is to look for the informative or persuasive style of writing.  Most of the content in the web, newspapers, articles, or any non-fiction content would qualify for content writing. It needs to be supported by facts, figures, researches, anecdotes. Creative writing is more imaginative, descriptive style of writing. It does not have to be based on facts but can be a spin-off based on a certain incident. Facts will be reported surrounding that incident, but the characters can have varied perspectives.


Niche: In a bookstore, creative writing, will be stacked up under novels, poetry, scripts, children’s stories as compared to a content writing, which will be upon the non-fiction section that of business writing, food, nutrition, psychology, self-help amongst others.


Optimisation: Any digital content on the web will be optimised for search engines. The flow of the writing changes considerably to accommodate the thesaurus of the keywords and their adequate usage. On the other hand, creative writing is not bound by any such limitations. Creative writing always revolves around the readers’ perception.


Central Idea: When you write a content for marketing a product, the central idea is apparent from the start, you would try to tell a story to sell the product, but the selling of the product is the central idea. It is obvious from the beginning and the audience who drop by your blog are usually your perspective/potential lead. In the case of creative writing, the writer alone is privy to the central theme. The readers are exposed to the central theme after they finish reading/watching. This gives the writer a certain leverage to lead the reader in one direction, but the conclusion could be very different.


Intent: A content writer’s motive is to harness sale, a motive of money is always involved. Tugging of emotions to make the sale is incidental to that endpoint. A creative writer writes to engage the readers, it is recreational in nature. Paying money to see a play / read the book is merely incidental to the end of the point of making the readers enjoy and emote.


As a writer, knowing when to wear what cap is essential to funnel your energies effectively. You might be exposed to both roles often. For example, writing a novel comes under creative writing but writing a blurb on the back cover comes under content writing. The blurb will be read by a wider audience than the book. If that strikes a chord in the reader, there will be a sale. This holds good for a movie/play and its synopsis, a creative blog and its excerpt; or even a book and author page.


So tell me, what kind of writer are you?





Lakshmi Venkataraman


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