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Thinking about becoming a professional content writer? You have chosen the best time to enter this booming industry. The current demand for hiring content writers is on steep increase, as corporates choose to opt for cost friendly and hassle free transactions for time being requirements. . To understand this market in-depth, it is utmost necessary to first understand who qualifies as a content writer.


A content writer is anyone who is in charge of framing words and converting thoughts into sentences which are professional, intellectual, yet easy to understand. Not everyone has the ability to do this, specifically when the thoughts belong to the clients. The concepts, ideas, and themes are communicated by the clients as per their needs. The novelty of taking the available raw information and generating the desired effects using only words is the work of a magician – namely a content writer. You may not have a master degree in literature but your magic on words should indeed be impeccable.


Being in the content writing field is easier said than done. Although the competition is rising, there are certain reservations against the genuineness of both, the clients as well as writers. Freelancing as a content writer is like taking yourself out on an adventure of unknown. However, it also cannot be ignored that entering this market is far easier now as compared to earlier. Here are few pointers to help you navigate the routes of this vast ocean as a content writer.


  • Tools @Ready: Tools are nothing less than the weapons a warrior carries to war. There are various tools available online out of which many are free of cost which help you to check your writing for plagiarism, word count, grammar, sentence formation, spellings, synonyms, and antonyms. However, you cannot depend on tools alone, the presence of mind and wits is of utmost importance to avoid going down the drain.


  • Creativity Caps: Always remember to carry your thinking hats wherever you go. Be choosy of what you post, where you post, and the language you use – all of these are your advocates in front of the client. Pour in your imaginative thinking in every work you take. Ensure your wordplay is bang on target. Even while negotiating on pricing, conversing with a client, or approaching a new opportunity, never use slang words or improper grammar. Create your own niche; be as original and unique as possible.


  • Social Media Groups: There are various Social Media Groups which are formed to enable easy connections between clients and freelance content writers. Nonetheless, one must be careful whilst undertaking work from anyone and make sure you verify that they are genuine before giving a go ahead.


  • Websites: Various websites are built to bridge the gap between content writers and their clients. Some of them are chargeable while you will find some free of cost as well. You may post your own profile or contact the various clients who have posted their requirements. 


  • Client Servicing: Yes, you will constantly be under a client facing profile. You will have to deal with everyone from obnoxious, pompous giants to the sweet, loving, fairy tale princess. Even post you submit your work, there will be changes requested (or demanded) by clients. Make your T&C’s are clear before you give a nod to undertake any assignment.


  • Marketing: Assignments are not going to start flowing in at the moment you make up your mind to be a content writer. A nice creative to display your contact details can be shared across social media, groups, offline methods, create profiles on various websites, and of course encouraging your friends to share. Treat yourself as your first assignment and market yourself to the same level of gratification as you would for a client.


  • Stay Up To Date: Various clients will come forward asking specifically to write a SEO friendly content; if you do not know what this is, there is no way you will manage to learn it in a day’s time and deliver the requirements. To avoid such situations, do not blind yourself from the fast-paced world around you. Keep reading new words, articles, blogs, social media marketing tips, books and of course dictionary!


  • Networking: One of the major plus points of starting your freelancing business via social media is the tremendous scope for networking. Connect with people; not only the clients but also other writers. Have a professional LinkedIn Account as well along with traditional platforms for followers. Build rapport with clients and writers alike to ensure repetitive workflow or switching of assignments.


  • Pricing: Observe and follow the standard market practices. It is good to have a competitive pricing scale but understand that lowering your worth and providing content for a few peanuts is not going to help, neither you nor others in this field. You know the quality you provide, the pain you will take to research the topic, and the hours you will spend in front of your desktop probably scratching your head, are the efforts which the client needs to pay for. It is okay to say no to an offer which you do not find appealing, even if you are just a beginner. 


  • Samples: Have a couple of sample articles and blog posts always available for ready references. Your poems and articles are good for your personal blogging website. However, when it comes to writing professionally, you will need to provide proof of your abilities. Be equipped with writings on a few niche topics which can be forwarded when demanded.


Freelancing content writing is a mine field of opportunities as long as you understand where to set your feet. With above tips in place, you are all set to rock this world!





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