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In the past few years, blogging has become very popular.  Blogging is when people pen down their experiences or want to write about things they feel strongly about.  It is kind of a journal of emotions.

But in the last few years, blogging has become a source of earning for many.  Apart from giving popularity to the bloggers, blogging gives monetary benefits too.  The only thing is one should how to monetize their passion for blogging.

Here are a few ways in which blogging can be monetized:


a. Product reviews. One can review books, products, online services, etc. and earn from it.  They need to build an audience for it though.  There are many companies who pay for writing reviews about their products. Product reviews are an important tool if you want to build your profile too. It adds credibility, you get to  use products and also earn out of it.


b. Blogging assignments. Nowadays there are a number of websites and organization who pay bloggers for writing content for them.  You need to keep an eye on such websites and portals. Search on google for various websites that require content writers and outsource blogging assignments. Also, there are many companies that run digital campaigns and require bloggers. 


c. Advertisements on the blog. Once you have created a niche as a blogger and have a certain following, advertisers will want to place their advertisements on your blog page.  Whenever the readers click on the advertisement it will generate money for you.  Reserve some space on the blog for the ads.


d. Google AdSense. Google AdSense is the most popular way to advertise and make money on your blog website.  For this your blog website needs to have a fair amount of traffic.


e. Amazon Affiliate Sale. Simply embed the links as banner images on your site, pop them into a blog post or just cut the affiliate link from the HTML and use it as a hyperlink. Monetizing blog is not that difficult if you have good idea of digital terms and tricks. Stay in sync with latest technologies and keep a tab on social media updates.


f. Write and sell an ebook. Nowadays its very easy to sell an ebook thanks to Kindle Publishing and many other publishers who publish the ebook for free. 


g. Some other ways to monetize blogs are: Set up your own affiliate sales program, guest blog and link to your new course, feature on someone else’s podcast, Facebook and Twitter Ads, etc. Many popular brands like ShopClues, Myntra give out blogging assignments and you can earn great bucks depending upon your blog DA.





Once you are actively into blogging and are generating enough content to draw attention and followers, these are a few of the ways by which you can continue with your passion of blogging and make money from it.





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