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A good book, cosy place and a cup of freshly brewed coffee sums up my kind of reading experience. Book would obviously be your take but if you guys are keen to experience some really explicit reading session with coffee that touches your soul, you must read this.

Books, Coffee, Silence and More books! Doesn’t it sound like the perfect set of ingredients to a peaceful day? There’s something magical about the smell of books along with a cup of coffee. These book cafes lie exactly between noisy coffee shops and extremely silent libraries and that’s what sets them apart.



Food for Thought (FFT) is a book café inside Kitab Khana at Flora Fountain. Housed in a heritage structure that is almost 150 years old, the shelves here stack books that range from the contemporaries to the classics in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and Urdu languages. The ambienceoffers a blend of the charming books coupled with the fresh aroma of coffee.They say that books are for people who wish they were somewhere else.Book lovers long for their own private space, away from the hollering sounds of traffic, work and sometimes even home. While some read to think (these are rare), some read to write (these are common) and some read to talk (these form the majority), a book café is a space that is well-suited for every reader.





Leaping windows


As an online library. Few years back, they opened their Café and Library. This place is your fix forcomic books, graphic novels and manga, with some great home-style food. While it looks deceivingly simple, the vibe inside is a lot more elaborate. As they say, never judge a book by its cover.  A bookstore that can dish out an immaculate cup of coffee, leaping windows is everything you would want in a book cafe. This boutique bookshop in the heart of Mumbai, with its array of delicious desserts, huge shelves full of books and comfy bean bags you can sink into, will invite you to to rediscover the wonderful world of books.





Bombay to Barcelona Library Cafe

B2B is a compact cafe with a beautiful indoor and outdoor seating. One of the top cafes in Mumbai, this place is known for their extremely friendly staff, and equally friendly customers. A must visit is what I can personally suggest. Look at the theme,man!





Cafe Zoe


European fare and creative cocktails served in spacious industrial surrounds with live jazz music. And coupled with a colorful book shelf  it is the perfect spot for any book lover. And you can find Half Baked Beans’s books there too :) 




Title waves, bandra


A bookstore boasts of a wide collection of books, a roomy ambiance and a spacious lounge for testing out and listening to the numerous CD’S and DVD’S that the store includes. Calling itself ‘Mumbai’s first boutique bookstore’, the store also has coffee tables and event areas in which workshops and open mic nights can be held! The store also has plans every weekend to have a variety of artists play live! This is indeed the place to be if you’re like funky and quirky spots to read and have a good time! This should be in your bucket list.




Neighbourhood Book Cafe, KoparKhairane

Various book worms throng this cafe because of its remarkable collection of books in multiple genres. It is quaint place and a perfect getaway from all the hustle and bustle of the maximum city. Nice ambience! Calm serene and a place to be at.







Candies provides the warm and welcoming ambiance which is a must for any book lover, hence the cafe is a hot favourite among the youngsters. They also offer an assorted list of various delectable munchies to choose from.

The seating arrangement caters to everybody’s taste. One can select from open air terraces to contemporary air-conditioned rooms where you can read and munch on lip smacking snacks. Mumbaikars never miss this place.




Next time you are visiting Mumbai, you know where to check in )





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