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Social media! It is the magic wand that helps you get noticed, build your business, promote your brand, increase your popularity, find job opportunities, flaunt your talents, find new friends, share your recent pictures and what not! The possibilities of social media are endless! The most popular social media platforms are Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google Plus.




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If you own a business, then building a strong social media presence is a must! It helps your business to grow and bloom like pretty wildflowers. Read on below to know some easy and quick ways to build social media presence:


Set Your Goals Straight!

Yes! Before stepping into the deep pool of social media, you have to set the goals straight. Take a moment to ponder and identify the objectives and goals you aim to achieve by making your presence felt in social media. Only if the goals are set, you will have a clear line of action. Learn about each social media platform and how each one of them works. Understand the significant audience in each social media group and decide where to start and how to start.


Let Them Connect With You And Relate With You!

After having set the goals, the next step is to interact with the audience and connect with them. They should know that you are also a human with a softer side and emotions. Keep communicating with your audience and be a good buddy they can count on. There is no point posting a link and hoping that everyone will read it. Chances are more that they won’t even bother to read it. If you interact with all and maintain a good rapport, then chances are more that you will get more noticed and get more clicks if you post something. Also, once you post something, keep a tab of it and respond to the comments others post below it. You will also have to note the posts of your audience and respond to it. Thus, they will start feeling connected to you and will be inclined to read your posts, check out your products and visit your webpage.


Know What They Need!

You will have to delve deep into the minds of your audience and know what their needs or expectations are. This will help you to interact with them on an intimate level. If you can understand what they would like to read, to know and what their beliefs are, then you will also be able to provide them what they need. Thus, you can lure them to your webpage and offer them products or services they need or prefer.


Add Your Social Media Icons On The Website!

Always ensure that you have added all your social media icons on your website. Thus, it will be much easier for those who visit your website to hit like and follow you on social media. It should be easier for them to view you on social media and they should not trouble themselves by googling you and tracking down your social media pages.


Link Your Social Media Pages To The Website

You can also link all your social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to your website. People visiting your social media pages should be able to access your website quickly and take a look at it. Hence make things easier for them by providing links.


Keep Sharing

Always share the links to your social media accounts with everyone you know. Don’t be reluctant to know more people and explore more possibilities. Sharing helps in spreading the word around and thus, increases your popularity.


Device An Integrated Strategy For Social Media

Creating social media accounts and interacting with everyone alone won’t be enough for you to soar up to great heights. You will have to devise an integrated strategy for your social media pages. This can be done by beginning a marketing calendar. Keep the calendar up to date by adding all the upcoming blog posts, website write-ups, events and everything that is related to your business and social media. This helps you to avoid clutter and stay organized. You can also understand the effectiveness of your social media pages and its impact on your business.


Use Quality Contents That Interests The Audience

Make sure that you post only relevant and quality contents on your websites, blogs, and social media pages. Posting irrelevant contents can only help in reducing your viewership. Hence, try to prepare good contents that interests and lures your audience.


Make Use Of Keywords And Optimize Your Social Media

All your social media accounts can be optimized using proper keywords that lures the audience to your page. Select keywords that match with your business type. Try finding the words commonly used by the audience to search on Google. Then, make use of such words as the keywords.


Make Use Of Hashtags

Take any social media account; you can see hashtags everywhere! That is the popularity of hashtags. Hashtags help in luring people to your social media page or website. But, always choose hashtags wisely. Use hashtags that are related to your business and don’t use just some random hashtags. People looking for topics related to your business should be attracted to your page using hashtags.


Use The Social Media Icons In Your E-mails Too

E-mails are often sent on an everyday basis. Hence, adding your social media icons in every mail you send, can help in making the people interested. They check your social media pages out of curiosity and eventually check your website from there. This is one of the best ways to grow your social media presence.








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