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Author’s fear – Synopsis and blurb!
Are they important to you?



One gets your story published and the other helps you to sell your story. However, many of us either loose our way while writing these or mix them together. A huge blunder can be avoided by simply planning out the process. Honestly, it is only writing guys! Here are a few tips to write that perfect synopsis and blurb while submitting the manuscript.


Synopsis: A detailed narrative which gives major and important details of your story without forgoing the climax or the major twists. The synopsis gives the publisher a brief of what to expect in your manuscript.



Introduce your story in details specifying the base conflict or the main plot on which the story will be built. Every chapter of your story highlights the main event which may form a part of a synopsis. The characters which play the part of the protagonist and the ones who are utterly important to plot are to make an appearance in the synopsis.


The synopsis is always written in third person perspective of the book. After you are through with writing the synopsis make sure that you trim and edit it to suit your need and moreover the guidelines, if any, issued by the publisher.


Book synopsis needs to give an insight to questions “What? Who? Why?” Post-reading the synopsis, the publisher should not be in dark and well equipped to provide an answer to these three wh-questions.


The synopsis is not your entire book. Leave the major twists and turns in the book itself.  All the subplots or side conflicts which you have introduced do not need to be in the synopsis. Characters which are not important to plots or are merely playing a supporting role do not need to be included in the synopsis.

Preplans and formats:

Randomly writing a synopsis or writing it before finishing your book is not going to work in your favour. Finish writing your story first and then make a list of what is to be included and excluded. Once your synopsis is ready, spend enough time on formatting. The font, size, spacing, alignment, text colour, bold, italics, or underlined – decide, implement, and ensure it is as presentable as your written content.



Blurb: This is a short, repeating, SHORT, introduction to a story. This goes on the back cover of your book and is vital to draw readers to your story. The below are certain guidelines to consider while penning down your blurb-


Character introduction:

Introduce your main character in the blurb. However, do not go on character listing spree. Keep it simple and leave certain characteristics for the reader to discover while reading the book.


The focus of the blurb should be on the main conflict faced by characters or the main conflicts which will get resolved in the climax of the book.

Say No To:

Avoid using flashy language. Ideally, it would be preferred to maintain the same tone of writing as the story so as to make the reader aware and comfortable with the writing style. Giving up on the ending or any major twists in the blurb is a big, fat no. Do not use vague sentences which will leave the reader in the dark about the plot line or concept.

Length and Format:

The blurb needs to short, sweet, to the point and precise. It needs to sow the seed of curiosity of “what comes next” in the mind of the reader. At the same time, the formatting of blurb should blend well with the cover of the book so that it does not end up being an eyesore.


Remember, both synopsis and blurb are different, do not try to pass one as the other as it will not help you to achieve your intent. Re-reading, proofreading, plagiarism free, well-formatted words will, of course, help you to convey your story in the best possible way. Step into the shoes of your publisher while scripting your synopsis and feel the emotions of your readers while creating your blurb. This will allow you to narrow down and close loopholes, if any. Over and above all, have fun and enjoy the process of publishing your book. Once you have your synopsis and blurb sorted out, you are one step closer to the final verdict.


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