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Introspection, according to the dictionary, is defined as the act of examining or observing one’s own mental and emotional process. In other words, it is the process of connecting to your own self and understanding your thought process by being in touch with your emotions.

Yet, this kind of connection comes hard considering the lifestyles and work schedules we have today. We all are so entangled in our busy lives that we do not have time for our own self and barely think about our mental sanity.

Hence, a trip or a vacation plays the best role in helping us out from this situation and give us some respite, but we know that right!


However, we aren’t here to talk about any trip or vacation here. We are here to talk about the beauty of solo travel and why it is THE BEST thing to do in life.


All of us, at some point in our lives, have wanted to go on a trip all alone in order to discover our true selves and to have some time with the beauty of the place we visit. Many of us also want to see, how much we can push ourselves in order to make our own self happy. Keeping in view the times we live in, we all wish to disconnect with our busy lives from time to time and hence look for refuge in the trips we take alone.


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With all this being said, solo trips are the most amazing thing for so many reasons. Read on to know how!


  Solo trips are a good thing for anyone due to a lot of reasons.
 One of the major thing is the way it helps in personality development of an individual.
 Solo trips require complete attention of the person. Since there’s no one to help you out, you have to be alert and on your toes even while relaxing. You have to be observant of your surroundings and hence this helps you learn to notice things and analyze them even in your life.

In addition to this, solo trips leaves you with an increased level of confidence. Being alone means you have to handle the situations on your own. You take help from the localites’ but even that requires the act of approaching them first.Therefore, when you are able to successfully handle a situation, you get more confident and trust yourself more.

You realize your strength and start appreciating yourself as well.


Most importantly, solo trips gives you time to understand yourself which brings us back to where we started, i.e., Introspection. As said earlier, the busy lives barely give us any time to ourselves and hence, solo trips becomes the perfect opportunity to do so. It gives you ample time to sit by yourself and get hold of your thoughts and to rearrange your emotions. In fact, it can be seen as rebooting our mental system in order to function better in day to day life. Not only this, it also makes sure that your mental health is maintained properly, which is a very important thing and something that shouldn’t be ignored at all.


Everything that a solo trips offers you, is the experience of a lifetime and not for just one trip. It stays on with you for your entire life and helps you be what you are. It helps to form your personality and find your individuality along with the element of break from the monotonous life. Plus, we can never deny the enjoyment and fun that comes with any amazing vacation.


Hence, solo trips can never be a bad thing and in fact, proves to be THE BEST thing to do in your life- not just once, but many times. For as many times as you do it, as many times you are able to understand yourself and have fun.


So go on and plan that dream trip now!






Cover Image source- Neha bIndal ( Author of Table for One)


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