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In this era of digitization, every extraordinary story has a chance to be converted on to the screen. The entertainment industry is booming and especially over the internet. With this boom, the two major industries i.e. literature and entertainment, have joined hands and produced some marvellous content for the world over the internet. These days, some of the already written beauties of literature are been converted on to the screen and it takes a serious eye to select a story that can be conceptualized and put into a form of a screenplay.


There have been a countless number of debates about weather doing this secures the sanctity of a written book or not but truth be told, the scripting of these books have only increased their popularity even more. There have been certain books which seem like they were return for exactly the purpose. Some of them are mentioned below.



  1. The Shiva Trilogy – Amish Tripathi




One of the literally biggest and most read series in the Indian literature industry was The Shiva Trilogy as it is called. Amish Tripathi, out of the absolute blues, appeared on to the scene with his first recognized work of fiction. In his three books which were interconnected, Amish created a web of breathtaking fiction making Lord Shiva play a character of his choice. His imagination crossed the skies and reached to a point of unimaginable heights.

With his interesting twist to the history we all knew about, it would be a very interesting ride to watch it on screen. With contents enough to create episodes of emotions and drama, a series made on this trilogy can be a chartbuster with high production values and treat to the eye.




  1. The Sialkot Saga – Ashwin Sanghi




Ashwin Sanghi has arguably been the best crime, suspense and thriller writer of the country. He has sewed some masterpieces in the form of his books and continues to do so. His books are hard to get out off from hand until they are finished. Every book published in his name had been a page turner and the same was The Sialkot Saga. The book goes starts from the time of separation after independence depicting the horrors and travels through the time with two parallel stories. The way Sanghi built up the stories, it would be hugely interesting to watch them in episodic form. It has the potential to take the web world by storm. Cliff hangers, suspense, drama, thrill…it has it all.




  1. And the Mountains Echoed – Khaled Hosseini




Khaled Hosseini has served literature for years with his exceptional and beautiful writing. His writings have always been a piece of art. He has touched millions of hearts with his amazing sense of details and his ability to capture the essence of human emotions. The Afghani writer has put his heart on the paper and it beats for all. Out of his books, ‘And the Mountains Echoed’ happens to be a piece which demands to be cinematized. With all the drama that Hosseini created in this book, if the same is put on the screen it would melt the viewer’s heart. It would be fascinating to even imagine how anyone can pull those emotions from the pages and put it on the hearts of people through episodes. It surely looks promising.




  1. Duma Key – Stephen King



A King by the name, a king by the stature. Stephen King has been arguably, if not the best, among the best horror writers the industry has ever produced. His work has given sleepless nights to his millions of readers. He weaves his fiction in a way that it creates a strange binding between the reader and the dark world that he has put forward. Some of his works have already been converted on to the screen and one specific book of his which can be used for the same is Duma Key. The psychotic horror fiction sets perfect in the mold of a web series. A horror or thriller genre has always attracted the audience and this prospect promises to be a super hit among the web content. The layers in the fiction would perfectly convert into episodes and become a jaw dropping masterpiece.



  1. Kafka on the Shore – Haruki Murakami




Murakami has appeared over the sea of literature with his traditional Japanese style of writing which is now being praised worldwide. His pieces of work are very contemporary and rich in literature. One of his awesome works is Kafka on the Shore. It is a story with two interconnected plots with a very interesting story to support. This fascinating form of storytelling if put in the form of episodes, it would create a classy aura and would attract more and more intellectual audience with an eye for the content on screen.

With the evolution of content over the web, these two huge pillars of entertainment are mingling in a great way and making way for something special. We always hope for something better each time and we are never disappointed. There are some more class acts that are still to be put on screen and the lovers of these industries would only pray to let that happen and their prayers will be answered.






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