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Somewhere in between learning and earning, the entire essence of life gets exhausted. But on a different frame, life is spellbound by art and when we talk about art, writing is one of the major form of art. Like all other forms, it needs skill, patience and time- Time to write, Patience to keep writing/rewriting or even editing until it is nearly perfect and Skill to make it most appealing and bewitching.



But to write we need to focus and to focus we need solitude. In the hustle-bustle of the life it is almost impossible to find solitude out of everyday fuss. The craving for words and quiet time, to practice it, are most difficult to coincide. On the contrary with the advancement of the culture and possibilities, we are able to create a world, a writer friendly world. The retreat helps in living the wonders of such world which takes us on amazing adventures, existing only in our words and minds.

There are several uncertainties regarding what, how and why these writing retreats are good for, so let me help you get acquainted by answering a few basics.



Q: What is a writer’s retreat?

A: Writer’s Retreat is basically the idea where many writers unite to write and learn, they share their ideologies, involve more in the work of exploration of art away from the basic life, mostly near to nature where solitude is just a knot away. Words flow from the most primary form to the vigorousness of its existence. There are many incidences which narrates, how retreats have helped people creating first drafts out of them.


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This leads to the next factor, which is-


Q: Why should you attend a writer’s retreat?

A: Writing doesn’t always comes easy, you don’t sit and pen down a brilliant piece of work every day, sometimes writing in simplest form looks like the most tedious work, so to withdraw ourselves from this phase which is generally referred to as ‘Writer’s Block’, retreat plays a vital role. It inspires us to write and create stories, which would otherwise be impossible to construct.


To further speak about the perks of going on a retreat, another question that I should answer is,


Q: How a retreat is beneficiary?

A: Talking about the benefits, there are innumerable pluses that are to be covered, but in the shortest it could be described in these further stated points:


(i) Boosting the creative side:


 Often if a person doesn’t write for a long time or writes a same genre for that time, the creativity is lost. Words tend to dwell boring and monotone. Retreat helps in meeting people of various conduct and backgrounds, their writing patterns are widely different than others, which helps to amplify the creative side.


(ii) perceiving the solitude:


Generally retreats are held at rural sites, where phone and internet are least of distractions. A major plus is that the serenity of the environment forces to write and allow us be in our best company, i.e., words.



(iii) Overcoming the fear of writing: 

After a block, when writing doesn’t come easy, a retreat really helps in overcoming the fear of writing and the fear of judgment that we face, we often tend to think that words won’t make sense anymore and that we cannot do what we had mastered once.


(iv) Establishing good habits:

 A famous theory says that it takes 21 days to build any routine and almost half of that time to lose it. Retreat rejuvenates us to write and create a habit which is good for the health of a writer. If a person returns with the habit of writing and then follows it daily, viola, the bottom-line earning has been achieved.


(v) Connecting to communities: 

As we spend time writing and listening to other writers, a close community develops that sometimes unite people for life long. Often we find our inspiration from people at such places, because retreats are not for establishing public profile, they are for creating comfortable space and comfortable space can only be made of comforting people.


 There might be another question which may strike the head, i.e., “The discomfort of going on such retreats.”, and to keep the understanding basic, it can be said that the place is full of strangers which might be uncomfortable for many or it is often away from the urban life, which may further disturb people’s comfort zone and such alike may follow.



So it can be concluded on terms that writing retreats helps in overcoming the fear or barriers, if any that a writer may find hurdlesome. For more such content keep following this space and do comment if you want a part two for better understanding of writing retreats.


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