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Are you a book lover? Do you have an instagram account? If yes, then bookstagramming is meant for you. Still wondering what am I talking about? Well, bookstagramming is a community within instagram where people post pretty and artistic pictures of books.


You can also say, it is the bookish side of instagram where you can post the pictures of your favorite reading spot at home, the book you love, or objects that evoke something (plot, character, themes) from the book. All you need is a smartphone to join the world of bookstagramming!


Not only for book lovers, it is also a place for people who have a knack for aesthetic appreciation.


Why should you bookstagram?



Not just merely limited to posting the book pictures, bookstagramming quite a few benefits as well. For example, do you know you can win free books through book giveaways?  Just search for the hashtags like #bookgiveaway and you can find all sorts of awesome books that are being given away.


Here are some more benefits of bookstagramming:


  1. Book Promotion

The publishers, writers, authors, literary agents, and marketers can benefit greatly from bookstagramming. Posting the picture of your latest or upcoming book in lifestyle shots and travel settings, grab attention of the audience. In fact, bookstagramming is a sort of micro-blogging and saves your time when you can’t write a full blog.


  1. Building Clients aligned to your interests.

If you are a literary agent/publisher, then you can use your bookstagram account to promote your upcoming client books, announce book deals, share what you are reading or working on, and give a glimpse of your work to your potential clients. Your audience can see if their interests align with your work and maybe influence your business or career.


  1. Discover New Books

As a reader, you can follow many bookstagrams and connect with your fellow booklovers. Also, it is a good way to explore new books and be updated on the upcoming works of your favorite author or publishers.


  1. Increased Traffic to you blog

Bookstagramming is a good way to increase traffic to your blog. No you can’t post the link to your blog in your picture caption but you can mention “Link in Bio” and add your blog link to your bio.



So, now let’s get started on bookstagramming! Here are the major steps you need to follow while getting started on bookstagramming:


  1. Deciding Username and Bio

As bookstagramming is specific to books, it is generally preferred to have a separate bookstagram account to avoid your posts from overlapping with your general Instagram account. Choose a simple username for your account and a small bio to inform people about yourself. You can also give a link to your goodread accounts or other blogs if any in your bio.


  1. Choose a theme

The current trend is to have a theme for your bookstagram account to differentiate it from others and give it an organized look. So, you can decide if you need a theme for your account or not.


  1. Use Props in your pictures

People tend to lose interest if your bookstagram is limited only to pictures of books. You need to use some props as well. For example, including a coffee mug as a prop beside your book will make your photograph eye catchy. Or you can include your pets, bookshelves, plants or anything else with your book to make your pictures innovative and interesting.


  1. Hone your photography skills

Most of the people use a DSLR or an iphone camera for their pictures. Though it is not mandatory, but an HD quality picture is going to gain a lot of attention. So, brush up your photography skills.


  1. Plan Giveaways

Once you have gained sufficient followers on your account, you can also plan book giveaways and reading sessions. In the reading sessions, a group of people can read same book and have discussion on it.

So, what are you waiting for now? If you are a booklover, then bookstagramming is for you! Go create your account.

Happy bookstagramming! 😊


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Sonalika Arora


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