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Nothing tells about the cultural heritage of any country as literature do. Scriptures, manuscripts, stories, novels, etc. – all of these are the treasures that can easily be translated to the identity of a country. The folklores, the morals and every other element of literature come from within the culture and gives a long lasting singularity to the society. 


Hindi literature is one such treasure that India possess. Hindi is one of the majorly understood language of the country and hence, literature written in this language calls out to the emotions of the society. Writers like Premchand, MahadeviVerma, Mohan Rakesh, etc. have presented us with gems in the form of stories that touches the heart.  


Hence, to honor that singularity, we bring you some of the best Hindi short stories that our literary heritage has in its kitty.

EIDGAAH by Munshi Premchand:


Eidgaah is a short story by the famous writer Premchand. It was published in August 1993. It captures the emotions of a young mind the most beautiful and sensitive way, hence making the story special.The story is about a 4 years old orphan boy who lives with his grandmother and comes from a very poor family. The story focusses on the selfless nature of the boy who puts his grandmother before his own self-interest and therefore, touches a lot of hearts. The story comes with a beautiful moral of kindness and consideration and in fact, selfless love. That is why it has also been included in Moral Education books. Eidgaah is one of the precious gems written by Premchand.


GILLU by MahadeviVerma:


Gillu is a story that deals with a unique theme in the most simple and effective way. It is written by MahadeviVerma and talks about the relationship between a Human and a Squirrel.  Though short, the story contains a lot of emotions and feelings that has been captured by Verma beautifully. The story follows the relationship of the protagonist with a squirrel after their one encounter. It shows the way they get attached to each other by covering various little elements. Gillu teaches the basic human values of being thankful and maintaining the loyalty to people in a subtle way and makes for an amazing read as well.


HINGWALA by SubhadraKumari Chauhan:


SubhadraKumari Chauhan wrote Hingwala and beautifully captured the pure human emotions and motherly feelings towards them. It shows the caring nature a woman exhibits towards humans generally.  The story revolves around a woman who has three children and a young man who sells her Hing (Asafoetida) and calls her MAA. The story encourages the positivity of humanity and also shows the purity of emotions. In addition to this, it also shows that good actions and good behavior always reaps positive results.



THE HOLY PANCHAYAT by Munshi Premchand:


Premchand is one of the most acclaimed hindi writers and it is only right to end the list with one of his most important writings. 

The Holy Panchayat tells the importance of Justice over self-interest through the story of two friends, Jumman and Algu. Both the friends are pitted against each other when different situations demand them to head the panchayat. The story unfolds in such beautiful way that understanding the concept of justice, conscience and friendship becomes easy. The Holy Panchayat is the perfect piece to understand the importance of what is right over one’s own personal interest.



Each of the stories have a moral that becomes an important element in order to live a righteous life. The stories are strings that beautifully and in a simple way weave the web of learnings for life and for what is to come. Not only that, but these stories are equally enjoyable and connectable as well.
So go on and get your hands on these stories and experience the treasure that our rich heritage possess.





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