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Life is a tale which can never be predicted. It is a mix of good and evil, happiness and remorse, unexpected slices of good luck and unfortunate incidents! Life can cheer us up and make us believe we are the luckiest in the world! But then the next moment, the whole world comes crashing down with unexpected twists, and we start feeling life is so unfair to us! In those desperate moments of distress and grief, if there is something that can lend a helping hand and inspire us to move forward, facing the perils of life with a smile, then that would be inspirational words! A friend, a mentor, a parent, anyone who tells us, “Yes! You can do it!” can make a huge difference! It makes us realize life is not that bad as we think. To some extent, life is what we make of it! If you have the determination, then you can rewrite your destiny!


But, not everyone is lucky enough to have an inspirational figure to guide them. Unfortunately, the world is more of people who like to find faults and less of people who encourages and inspires others! That is where the words of the famous authors can throw some light on our path and guide us to the goodness of life. There are many inspirational quotes by popular authors that makes us rethink and reassess the ideas and concepts we had about life. So, here I’m unwrapping a precious gift of 25 inspirational quotes by authors! It is difficult to limit the number of inspirational quotes to 25, because there are too many quotes that touch us in every step of our life. Still, these are the handpicked 25 from the vast sea of brilliant quotes:



  1. Nothing Is Good Or Bad, But Thinking Makes It So- William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is a name well known to us since ages! The plays of Shakespeare and the magical quotes in it still shine bright like a hidden gems acting as a guiding light for generations to come! In this particular quote, Shakespeare teaches us nothing is really good or bad, it is the way we think that makes it so! He teaches us that we can always try to find the positives in even the most negative situation. The situation seems to be negative only because we think so! The best example would be the half empty or half full glass way of thinking. You can think the glass is half full ifyour thinking is positive. The same thing can be considered as a half-empty glass if your thinking is negative! Trying to see things in a positive light can really make a difference!




  1. All Birds Find Shelter During A Rain. But Eagle Avoids Rain By Flying Above The Clouds. Problems Are Common. But Attitude Makes The Difference– APJ Abdul Kalam

A P J Abdul Kalam, our previous honorable president of India is someone who has contributed a lot of wisdom to the generations all over! His remarkable contributions to science and literature are also well acclaimed! In this quote, APJ Abdul Kalam teaches us how to face the problems in our life. While the birds try to find shelter in the rain, the eagle flies high above the clouds and wins over the rain! We should also fly high and win over our problems. We should never fear those problems and run away for safety! Escapism cannot make you succeed. Facing the difficulties with a brave heart and soaring above it makes you achieve! Problems are common, but the ones who face it and rise above are the only ones that win the race of life!



  1. Whatever You Decide To Do, Make Sure It Makes You Happy- Paulo Coelho

The inspirational quotes of the famous author, Paulo Coelho are too many that you really cannot choose one! In this quote, Paulo Coelho reminds us of the necessity to give importance to our happiness! Many of us consider others happiness in front of ours. Some people sacrifice so much in life only because they want others to be happy! Well, I’m not asking you to be selfish, but you will also have to consider your happiness! Yes, your happiness matters! You have to make sure whatever you decide to do, that should make you happy! Every other constraint can wait! Your happiness should be considered first!




  1. Impossible Is Just An Opinion- Paulo Coelho

As I said earlier, Paulo Coelho cannot be limited to one quote alone! In this quote, Paulo Coelho teaches us there is nothing in the world that is impossible! It is just a word which can be easily turned to ‘possible’ by your determination and hard work! It is the attitude that matters!



  1. Logic Will Get You FromA To B. Imagination Will Take You Everywhere- Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was not only a well-known scientist but also a great author who inspired millions! This quote by Albert Einstein urges you to believe in your imaginations and dreams. Some things may not sound logical to others. But time will prove that what was considered illogical was indeed logical! Logic will only show you the well-known clear path from A to B. But you can. But who knew there might be even better paths to achieve success? For discovering those, you have to tread the path less chosen and believe in your imagination! The opportunities are endless!



  1. The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step- Lao Tzu

This inspirational quote by acclaimed author Lao Tzu teaches us that everything that appears large and unachievable can be achieved with your efforts! But you need to make that first little step towards it! However small your effort maybe, it can help you aim towards it and make bigger steps to achieve it! So, all those who believe that a dream of yours in unachievable, try making that one little step!



  1. This Above All: To Thine Own Self Be True- William Shakespeare

Again, back to Shakespeare! All those who know me would also know that I’m a diehard fan of his works! In this quote, Shakespeare urges us to be true to our own selves! Never put on a fake mask and live your life for anyone! Always be true to yourself and live life the way you want! In the end, that is the only thing that makes your life worthwhile!



  1. Live Life As If Everything Is Rigged In Your Favour- Rumi

Rumi is regarded as one of the best inspirational authors! I know many of my friends who would swear that Rumi is the best to inspire! This particular quote by Rumi inspires us to live life as if everything is rigged in your favor only! It is time to get rid of those negative thoughts and have a positive attitude. Believe you can achieve it and strive hard to achieve it! Every stone on your path will turn to flowers and make your way smooth and clear!



  1. Don’t Let Your Happiness Depend On Something You May Lose- C.S Lewis

C.S Lewis, one of the best authors, teaches us not to let our happiness to be decided by something you are sure to lose! Most of us make that mistake. We know we will lose it, still we will cling on to it and give the key to our happiness to it. Ultimately you end up losing both! Never do that! Your happiness should be decided by you and should be under your control! Never give it away to someone or something you will surely lose!



  1. It Isn’t What We Say Or Think That Defines Us, But What We Do – Jane Austen

Jane Austen, best known for her classics speaks about what is it that defines us. She says that it not what we say or what we think that defines us. People always define us on the basis of what we do! Hence, what we do is the most important. If you do good, then happiness and contentment follow!



  1. The Most Important Thing In Life Is To Stop Saying ‘I Wish’ And Start Saying ‘I Will’- Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens, another magical author who has written so many novels with mostly kids as the central character writes about one of the most common mistakes we all do! We always keep wishing for things! But we never do anything for achieving that wish! If you wish for something, don’t just sit there wishing, stand up and do everything possible to achieve your wish. Tell out loud, “I Will” and strive hard to achieve!



  1. The Holes In Your Life Are Permanent. You Have To Grow Around Them, Like Tree Roots Around Concrete; You Mould Yourself Through The Gaps – Paula Hawkins

Paula Hawkins in her recent bestseller ‘The Girl On The Train” tells us that we should find strength in the adversities. You may have had bad experiences, heartbreaks and various other issues that made a deep hole in your heart. It might remain there itself due to the intensity of the pain it had caused. But, that shouldn’t pull you down or make you worthless. You have to grow around those holes like tree roots clinging to concrete floors. You should mold yourself through those gaps and rise stronger than before!



  1. The Secret Of Getting Ahead Is Getting Started- Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie, best known for her thriller novels had contributed a vast share of inspirational quotes too through her books. In this quote, Agatha Christie tells us the secret to get ahead and win your dreams. The secret is nothing but getting started! Never sit there doing nothing for achieving your dreams. Get started and move forward! Success will follow you!


  1. Self-Worth Comes From One Thing- Thinking That You Are Worthy- Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer gives us some serious self-worth goals with this quote. He teaches us that you can only achieve self-worth by start thinking that you are worthy! Many believe that they are not worthy enough. They live in deep pits of inferiority complexes. They can only climb up from those pits by starting to think that they are worthy enough! Tell yourself you are worthy and you deserve a better life! Life will soon turn better and you will realize you are indeed worthy!



  1. Sooner Or Later Even The Fastest Runners Have To Stand And Fight- Stephen King

Renowned author, Stephen King teaches us that you cannot keep running away from your fears, insecurities or problems. Even the fastest runners will have to stand up one day and fight back! So, stop running away from your problems! You won’t reach anywhere if you continue running. Stand up and face your fears! Fight it back with all your might and win over your insecurities, fear or problems!



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