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So, you have decided to be a writer?  Great!  You have some great ideas, thoughts, anecdotes to share.  You have decided to start a blog, write for others, or may be simply post it on your timeline.  Before writing, there is a lot of hesitation sometimes.  You take tips from established writers or veteran bloggers about what to do to be a successful writer.


But, here I share with you few tips as to what NOT to do in order to be a writer.



  • Do not copy. Create your own style of writing.  You might be following a particular writer or fan of a particular blogger’s writing style.  Getting influenced is fine, but don’t copy their style of writing.  Sometimes there is an uncanny similarity between the work of two writers.  Try to create an individual style of writing and carve a niche for yourself.


  • Don’t write in a very complicated language. Not everyone has the vocabulary of Shakespeare!  So, try to write in simple and relatable language, which people would find easy to read and understand.  Using too many tough words can cause the readers to lose interest.  After all, no one wants to sit with a Thesaurus when reading an article.



  • Don’t be repetitive. Yes, as writers we all have our favourite genres, but try to write on a variety of topics.  Of course, you might be really good at writing about certain topics, but consciously try to try about something out of your comfort zone too.  Don’t get repetitive.


  • Don’t keep long gaps if you want to be noticed as a writer. Be regular with your writing to keep the readers’ interest alive.  There are so many writers and bloggers around nowadays that “out of sight out of mind” applies aptly here.  No, you don’t need to write daily but at least once a week or once a fortnight is good, especially for budding writers.


  • Don’t be jealous of other writers. Sometimes some writers have more followers or win more accolades than you even though they might be your contemporaries.  It might pinch you but don’t be jealous.  Instead try to analyse your own work and work on your  Be appreciative of other writers too.


  • Don’t get disheartened by criticism. You might write a piece which might be very close to your heart or you might find it to be good, but there might be readers who might criticize your work and find faults with your writing.  As a new writer, it might hurt your ego and you might feel like never writing again, but instead of sulking take it with a pinch of salt.  Its not necessary that everyone will have the same taste and same liking.  Just as you will get appreciation, you will get criticism too.


  • Don’t give up. Being a writer is not an easy job.  There will be struggles, roadblocks, sometimes writers’ block, and so on, but if you are really passionate about writing and want to be a successful writer never ever give up.  There will be good and bad days but let the writer in you never quit!



Wishing you all the very best !






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