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We all have had our fair share of experiences when we were schooled on how a career in medicine, law, business, government services, engineering, banking etc. is the only means to sustain in life. I am sure a lot of us can relate to this and have faced disapproval for the unconventional path, the one that is less beaten. But let us look at what all this unbeaten path of unconventional careers offers us.

For those of us, who are still wondering, what these unconventional careers that we are talking about are? Well, think of all the options you could take that are generally not taken or not believed to be successful paths. Unconventional career options can be in comedy, writing, art, fashion, designing, adventure sports, glamour, performing arts, pet grooming, fitness and this list can include a lot more fields.

With a high competition in the conventional career paths and a lack of work satisfaction because of near to no creative space, a lot of people are moving towards the unconventional way to progress in their career. But it obviously is no cake walk. It demands one’s sweat and blood; requires one to go out of the box and face the challenges. But we all know that there is no fun without a fight.
Now let us look at a few examples from the wide range of career options you can choose from.


Are you spontaneous and witty? Do people around you often find themselves helpless and cannot stop laughing at the jokes you crack?
If that is the case, then you my friend, have a comedian inside of you.
India has recently seen a huge rise in stand-up comedy. With a lot of youngsters taking up this line, the content also now creatively includes significant amount of intellect and satire on social trends and issues; and not just meaningless comical commentary. In the past few years, a lot of comedians like Kunal Kamra, Vir Das, Kenny Sebastian, Vipul Goyal, Tanmay Bhatt, etc. have made it to the surface. So, do we have our next comedian in you?


Designers and Artists.
Opportunities in designing and art are increasing in India. Design manufacturing companies, textile industry, digital media, graphics, advertising and product designing are some of the areas you can venture into as a designer or an artist.

Rohan Chakravarty, who gave up his career in dentistry to pursue designing and art is an inspiring example for all you artistically inclined ones. He is a cartoonist, illustrator and animation designer who has done cartoons and illustrations for several publications and organizations such as WWF, Nat Geo Traveller, IDFC, Standard Chartered Bank, Titan, Istock, and has served as an animation designer and illustrator for a Bangalore-based multimedia firm.
Well now, all our artistically gifted friends can think about moving their masterpieces out of the last page of their notebooks.



The demand for writers has increased many folds with marketing entering the digital space. Advertisement, Marketing, Entertainment, Journalism, Public relations, Blogs are hiring content writers like never before. It is not anymore the traditional content industry. The space for writers has transformed and evolved. In the recent years we have seen some young novelists making their way into the market too. With the simplification in publishing and distribution, writers like Ashwin Sanghi, Ira Trivedi, Durjoy Dutta, Chetan Bhagat, and Preeti Shenoy have contributed to the reading world.


Acting and Entertainment media.
No! It is not just about Bollywood and the daily Indian soaps that have tortured us right from our childhood days. The memories are still haunting. With our mums glued to the T.V. screens and the tears rolling down their cheeks. Sigh!
The popularity of the social media has created a parallel entertainment platform transforming the entertainment industry too. With the number of web-series and short web movies coming out and the rise of entertainment media houses like TVF, Dice media, Pechkas Pictures, etc. We have seen actors like Sumeet Vyas, Nidhi Bisht, Amol Parashar, Manvi Gagroo, etc. rise up. It is not just actors but also directors, creative writers, make-up artists, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, etc. who have made up their careers in this industry.
Remember, it is not only about Bollywood and the cringe worthy Indian T.V. soaps!!


Social Sector and NGOs.
Are you passionate about social issues and want to contribute to the society? Then there are opportunities that are waiting for people like you who want to challenge themselves and put their skills to use.

Sushant Saurav, who completed his M.A. Development has been working with an NGO SRIJAN as a Project Executive for the past 2 years in Bundi district of Rajasthan for women empowerment and livelihood promotion among them.
Shikha Kumari, is another such individual who recently completed her M.A. in Education is all ready to join Vikalp India as an academic trainer.

Telling a fish to climb a tree is no rational thought – It won’t succeed. Choosing a career that does not suit you, can make you a fish that is trying to climb a tree. So don’t be afraid to look towards the less beaten path as it holds the untold opportunities and Mondays that you’ll look forward to.
So, raise your glasses high and say cheers to the age of the unconventional careers!


Manvendra Vidyarthi

HBB Blogger

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