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Wow! We are already welcoming the mid of 2018 and some of us have managed to nicely slice down on our reading list as well. Say no more! Here are the books picked by us which you may add to your collection. All of these are set to release in June 2018 and we must add, a few of them are absolutely irresistible. 


Book No. 1          :               Florida

Author                  :               Lauren Groff

Release Date     :               05 June, 2018



“Florida” is collection of stories which will take you on ride of opposites. One will show you the pleasure while other will drown you in pain. This book will shower love across first and then it evokes fury and anger. You are introduced to a plate full of characters with diverse stories and personalities. From abandoned sisters to a conflicted mother, this book covers it all. 


Book No. 2          :               Invitation to a Bonfire

Author                  :               Adrienne Celt

Release Date     :               05 June, 2018



Set in the 1920”s “Invitation to a Bonfire” is a psychological thriller loosely based on Nabokov marriage. Zoya has lost her family, her home, and the entire sense of being. As she struggles to find answers to her disturbing mind, Leo enters her life. Almost dreamlike, they both fall in love and then enters Leo”s wife; Vera. This love triangle shapes identities of three people and shows the impact of how even a tiny decision influences the life ahead. For far will Zoya go to find herself and what the cost for everyone’s happiness is.  


Book No. 3          :               Us Against You

Author                  :               Fredrik Backman 

Release Date     :               05 June, 2018



More than often sport players dedicate their life to the games they love. In this case, it”s Hockey and it is not just the players but the entire town of Beartown which is all awe for this game. A small town disheartened in past due to Hockey game it lost to a town named Hed now looks to settle the score once and for all. Things heat up both on the field as well as off the field. What will it take for the entire town to stand together and to support peace? “Us Against You”, is a story of people uniting in vital circumstances. 


Book No. 4          :               Like A Girl

Author                  :               Aparna Jain

Release Date     :               15 June, 2018



Every girl is expected to know certain things like cooking and cleaning and no gives a second look to consider her choices and likes before imposing society standards on her. “Like A Girl” is a real life account of 56 strong-willed women who have broken the stereotypes to secure their positions as a leader or even a sports star. The book is inspirational and motivational for all those who have a set goal they want to achieve. 


Book No. 5          :               Me against the Mumbai Underworld

Author                  :               Isaque Bagwan

Release Date     :               19 June, 2018



The story of Isaque Bagwan through his own words is certainly intriguing. Bagwan is three-time recipient of the President’s Police Medal for Gallantry and has battled the ugly face of Mumbai Underworld as a first row attacker. The time when smuggling was on rise for Mumbai, the serial bomb blasts to the 26/11 terror attacks, all of it through Bagwan’s eyes will certainly paint a very different version of this city as we know today. “Me against the Mumbai Underworld” is certainly set to turn heads in its direction.  


Book No. 6          :               Eleventh Hour

Author                  :               S Hussain Zaidi

Release Date     :               25 June, 2018



Set in 2017, 9 years post the 26/11 attack, the “Eleventh Hour” paints the horrifying aftermath of the events which followed years after the attack. Superintend of Police, Vikrant Singh, ends up slapping a Pakistani on duty official and so the dominos begin to fall; Vikrant gets suspended, terrorists arrested by him escape, and ship gets hijacked. Are these events connected or independent of each other? Read this racy, fictional novel to know.  


Book No. 7          :               A Lady’s guide to etiquette and murder

Author                  :               Dianne Freeman

Release Date     :               26 June, 2018



When your rich husband suddenly falls dead, questions are bound to follow you around. Lily finds herself in the cobweb of murder conspiracies and herself as suspect to her husband’s death. Lily is determined to start a new life with her daughter, but will the world let her? Lily has left out a few details about the night her husband died. She seeks answers to same questions as the law enforcement but with knowing one truth that they don’t. “A Lady’s guide to etiquette and murder” is a rollercoaster ride waiting for being flagged off.  


Book No. 8          :               A Thousand Beginnings and Endings

Author                  :               Various

Release Date     :               26 June, 2018



15 bestselling and acclaimed authors have together authored “A Thousand Beginnings and Endings” to form a tale of the lifetime showcasing the ancient folklores and mythologies of South and East Asia. These reimagined short stories will take you on an emotional ride as you experience loss, pain, romance, and passion.  


Book No. 9        :               Harry Potter House Editions

Author                  :               J.K. Rowling

Release Date     :               28 June, 2018



Harry Potter is back with bang with exclusive house editions! The entire series is set to relaunch in 4 distinct colors of each house and each with unique illustrations. Entertaining bonus features exclusive to each house accompany the novel. All seven books in the series will be issued in these highly collectable House Editions.

Book No. 10          :               Navarasa

Author                  :               Vinaya Patil

Release Date     :                 Mid  June, 2018



Every person is unique and so is their story. Let Vinaya Patil’s Navarasa take you to extremities as you also are enlightened about your own rasa. This book will let you experience the goosebumps when you fall in love as well as when you are in a spine tickling, horror tale.  With various diverse characters and adventurous stories Navarasa is definitely an interesting book.

Tell us which one you will be refusing to miss out on in this mighty month of June 2018! 



Apurva Tupdale

HBB Blogger


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