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An electronics engineer and a hobbyist with technical publications to his credit, Smit Kapila leads a team of world class engineers with one of the globe’s topmost semiconductor MNC. 

His book “65 Colours of Rainbow” has been rated #1 Humor hot-seller in Amazon ranking many times (often competing with the likes of Soha’s and Twinkle Khanna’s books for top 5 ranks). 

HBB recently had a tête-à-tête with the author.

 This book is your bit to help the corporate work force to take it easy. How do you cope up with stress being in this profession for so many years?

I am a fervent believer of work life balance and have successfully traversed this tricky path all this while. Since you can’t compromise with the deliverables, the key is to do it first time right, & in the right way- look at efficient ways to complete your tasks, think out of the box. It’s equally important to have clarity and vision on what you want to do with the time that you get earn back from this. Idling away this precious earned time will eventually have this balance going off before you even realize it.

I have all my hobbies that act as great stress busters. Reading, painting and playing musical instruments (Guitar, Flute, and Harmonica) quickly transcends me from the corporate world into my own magical world!


How and when did you have this idea about writing this book? 

Almost a decade ago, when I was quite new to the IT world, some work stress and pressures related incidents in and around my close vicinity motivated me to spread my message of taking it easy.


Stories around corporate life. You had thought it would click with the audiences?

Yes, with the ever expanding Indian IT community, I was confident that it would receive a positive response. And I am happy to say, it actually has!!


Your book is published by Srishti publishers. How was the entire process from submitting your manuscript to getting first copy in hand?

Srishti is one of the top ten publishing houses in India. I feel honoured to have got my book published through them. Mr Jayanth bose and Arup Bose have been very supportive all throughout this journey. The first reaction from Mr Jayanth on the manuscript was “Its different, It’s interesting” and then there never looking back.


How significant is book marketing in the era of digitisation? What extra measures you took to promote your book?

After collaborating with this industry, I’ve realised how big a role marketing plays. It is one of the key vectors for ensuring success of your work. Especially so when you don’t have a brand name already built to assist you. I had my author page created on social media sites and now have around 3K followers!


How would you suggest balancing life between work and interests?

The resolve (balancing) should be strong and the vision should be clear. As long as you are clear on what you want from life, I think getting this balance is not so difficult after all! Just don’t get bogged down by the peer pressures and society norms. Live for your own self and go find your oblivious self !


Tell us about your collection of flutes?

I love to play flutes and love to collect them as well. I have a collection of more than 30 flutes, all different kinds originating from various parts of the globe. My personal favourites being ocarina & Tarca from South America and Xiao from Taiwan!


How did you have the idea of sketching the caricatures by yourself?

I’ve been into painting and sketching since childhood. So it was quite implicit to have something to do with sketching baked in with writing! Since it was humour genre, I tried caricatures, which I thought, would also add the laughter quotient and help readers visualize the incidents better.


How do you manage to have your team focused but at the same time not be stressed out?

Inclusion and understanding your team at a personal level, at the same time giving them flexibility and space, makes all the difference.


What activities you choose to spend your time with your son?

Being an Electronics engineer and a hobbyist, I love to make DIY electronic projects with complete involvement from my son, who is also a big time science enthusiast.


How do you manage to find humour in the incidents of your daily lives?

Happiness and Sorrow are two sides of the same coin. I just tend to find the coins having the ‘happiness’ face up! If you don’t find, then create your own incidents of humour! End goal is to laugh and stay happy…


Tell us about upcoming book? What is the inspiration behind it?

Since this book has been received with open arms by readers from all corners, my next book will also be on humour and motivation genre, focusing on the family aspect. How to cultivate relations, keeping the friendship quotient high in all sorts of relations be in parents, siblings, or partners!

Buy Smit Kapila’s book here.


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