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Whisperings of a Common Man tells us about the world seen through the eyes of a poet. Poets are awesome, don’t you agree? They see the world a bit differently than others and that reflects in their poems. Whisperings of a Common Man is such an account seen through the eyes of Dhanu. The book contains twenty poems that are sure to tug the strings of your heart hard and make you see the world in a whole new way. Here is one engaging conversation that Half Baked Beans had with Dhanu.


  1. So Rahul, let us get comfortable first! How was your experience in engineering college like? Did it contribute to you becoming a poet and writer?

Definitely studying engineering helped me develop my logic and common sense, but it’s not only my college experience that helped me become a poet and writer but also my experiences through the different phases of my life, from my early childhood in Cuttack to my mid-and high school and college life in Kolkata. Whatever I have experienced till now has influenced me in becoming whatever I am today.


  1. So how are you finding Bangalore? Is traffic bothering you much? Do your poems reflect the place you are staying at currently?

Bangalore is a very nice place with friendly people. Traffic does bother me sometimes, but I manage to keep my cool, as it has been around 8 years that I have been staying here. It’s here where I started writing poems,so this is a special place for me. And to be honest, I have written a few poems while I was stuck in traffic.


  1. Okay, now the real question, why choose the name “Dhanu”? Is this your pen name? What was the reason/logic behind choosing the name?

Well, a very good friend of mine gave me this name and I used it as my pen name, as my sun sign is Sagittarius, which is called Dhanu in many Indian languages. Just like a Sagittarius is a Man-Horse with Bow and arrows and interested in philosophical and spiritual topics, my poems also focus more on philosophical topics. And also just like a Sagittarius aims and shoots his arrows and achieves his goals, I try fulfilling my goals; publishing my book “Whisperings of a Common Man” was one of them.


  1. Where do you draw inspirations from for your poems?

My inspiration comes from my experiences in life and also from the experiences of other people around me. I also derive inspiration from Nature.


  1. You must have written many poems to Do you have any favorites amongst them? How about some lines from the same?

Yes, I have written around 50-55 poems till now. My favorite lines are from the poem Hazily Transparent :

“There is more to it than what meets the eye,

But seldom do we ask why”


and from the poem: Two Glasses

“Our bucket, the alchemist fills,

Two glasses our choice it seems”


  1. What are the genres that you touch upon in your poems?

My poems are mostly philosophical, based on Nature and Love.


  1. How do you relate to people through your poems?


As because my poems are based on a common man’s experiences in life, so anybody can read and relate to my poems. So my poems are based on people and people can relate to them by going through them.


  1. Coming to last question (which is also the hardest), what is your philosophy in life?

Well my I have many philosophies in life, but if you ask me to put forward one of them it would be:

“Some say, listen to your heart,

Some say, listen to your brain,

Some say, keep a balance,

But there is a difference between,

An Eagle, a Swan and a Penguin”



It means we all are different and we all can excel using our qualities, rather than copying others. If an Eagle is asked to swim under the ocean, it will definitely fail, similarly, if a Penguin is asked to fly so high, it will fail. Also, a Swan can neither fly so high or swim so deep. Yet all of them are elegant in their own way. So we need to identify our skills and work on it, rather than copying others.



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