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So many books, too less of time! How many of us have suffered from this situation? Well, all of us bibliophile of course! There is something which brings relief to this diagnosis. Speed reading to the rescue. Speed reading is a number of techniques which when practiced together allows the practitioner to read at a pace which does not compromise on the message conveyed at the same time enabling to finish the desired comprehension at a faster rate. This means readers can meet the targeted ‘To be read’ list at a faster rate than usual. Ever wondered how people manage to get through books at pace and thinking to yourself, ‘is it even humanly possible?’ So, human, you may thank us later for telling you how to achieve the same level of success.   




Time Saver

The first and most obvious advantage of speed reading is saving the time. You are able to manage reading more number of books in the time allocated to reading. You are left with free time to concentrate on other stuff which may need your attention.


Focused approach

Speed reading requires immense focus. The brain assumes overtime work to keep pace with gathering information and sending outputs to sensory organs. This gives the sensory organs a wake-up call to focus on an activity which otherwise would have gone unnoticed.


Memory enhancement tool

When you are reading at a high-speed, your brain and eyes work in high coordination activating the center of brain responsible for memory. It improves your ability to retain information. 


Level of confidence

When you have achieved your set target or when generally you have read many books, it enhances your capacity to converse. You are aware of topics, phrases, words, comprehension, quotes and of course a very good imagination. You have faced the situations along with your characters and are now confident enough to handle the real life deal.


Thought power: 

You gain the confidence level from having inculcated knowledge and wisdom from various books, novels, short stories and of course blog posts like this one. This stimulates your thought process, makes you more logical, improves the level of thinking and gives you different perspectives to look at your surroundings. 




Mind read:

There are people who lip sync the words as they reading giving concentration on each and every word. This just slows the reading speed. Read with you mind, engage the brain completed, let it not concentrate on lip syncing but purely on the words in front of you. 


Back reading is no:

Many of us are guilty of just going back a couple of lines or words to read it over again either because we like it or because we fail to grasp what is conveyed. This happens because of lack of concentration. Avoid it by complete concentration over the words you read. Let your mind read and brain process at the same time. Yes, it’s possible! Many do it and so can you. 


Hop. Skip. Jump.:

Skimming is the most popular way to increase your reading speed and this is how majority of readers manage to cover so many books. Skimming is similar to glancing. You glance across the paragraph, let your eyes grasp the important words and process the meaning in a way to formulate the entire page without having to read it all. Sounds difficult, but it is not, it is just matter of practice. Once you get used to this method, your brain automatically gets the signal of how to summertime and comprehend simultaneously. 



Keep a pen handy or a pencil or a scale or the best, use your finger, have a dedicated pacer for yourself! It may sound childish, but works as a charm. Instead of running the pacer along the straight lines as you read, do the exact opposite. Let the pacer lead your reading. The speed at which your pacer progresses is definitely faster than yours, when you combine this with skimming! Voila! You are speed reading! 


Minimize duration on each line

Once you master the pacer-skimming method, you further advance yourself to next level by reducing the seconds you spend on each line. 


Read before reading

Blurbs, headings, sub headings, introductions or the description is all just a gist of what the topic is and how the language will be. It gives you a brief preview of what you will be reading. It prepares to mentally for the language style to follow. 



Your brain and minds needs complete engagement in the reading activity. Most offer we try to read in an environment which does not allow us to focus, like while traveling in a bus for short distances or in an area full of loud noises. Knowingly or unknowingly, these act as a distraction for brain. You need to train yourself to have most concentration. 


Horizontal and vertical reading

This one is for experts. Glance the page horizontally first dwelling for nano seconds on words of importance and then repeating the same procedure vertically for a good measure. Reading just few words to comprehend the meaning of entire page. Allows to read one page in couple of seconds. This one needs loads of practice and focus. 


So, there you go, the holy grail of speed readers. Give it a try and let us know if you found this helpful.



Apurva Tupdale

HBB Blogger

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