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Hello readers!

We all know all too well about our ever growing TBR list. But that never stops us from stalking our favorite writers, scouring the pages and adding some interesting plots to the pile. This list here, trust me, is going to put a dent in your list. Because the upcoming releases this May looks more than promising (Wait for the last, I swear), and there’s one for everyone in here. Consider yourself warned.

So let’s get started. Shall we?


( Genre – Coming of age/ YA)

book 1

This book marks the start (book #1) of an intriguing series Bookish Boyfriends. Set for a light hearted, high school drama the plot revolves around Merilee Campbell, a 16 year old girl who’s crazy about all the classics. She believes boys are better in books. And fate has it, she gets to have a life where her love life manifests one of the classics in real. Aren’t you curious about which classic would that be? Well, I’m. And something tells me Darcy in the title is meant to throw us off.

The author of the book Tiffany Schmidt is also known for her earlier works ‘Send Me A Sign’ and ‘Bright Before The Sunrise’.

Expected date of release – May 1, 2018 by Amulet Paperback.



(Genre – Sci-fi/ Fantasy)

book 2

Only Human is the most awaited release for the Sci-Fi fanatics of our international reader community. This is the closing book (Book #3) of ‘The Themis’ series. One of the most sought after series since its Book #1 ‘Sleeping Giants’ came out in 2016.

The story starts when a little girl falls down into the ground and is found on the palm of a giant metal hand by the rescuing fireman. The journey follows the discovery of  different parts of this unknown, mysterious giant. Only Human will pick up the continuation from its second book  with a whooping  ten year leap and the readers can’t seem to hold their enthusiasm for the D day.

The author Sylvian Neuval is an interesting personality himself. From teaching Linguistics in India to pedaling furniture in Canada, selling Ice creams and odd jobs his life is as fascinating as his books indeed.

This series is going to bid goodbye this May. Watch out for it.

Expected date of release – May 1, 2018 by Del Rey Books.



(Genre – Historical Fiction)

book 3

This Regency Romance is the talk of town among the Historical Fiction lovers at the moment. Telling the story between Viola, Countess Of Earl of Riverdale and Marquess Of Dorchester, Marcel Lamarr; a single mother and a notorious widower. This book promises all the things that makes the Regency Era appealing to the modern time historical fiction addicts. Scandal,  closet romance, taboo and with all things forbidden ‘Someone To Care’ is ready to hit the stalls soon.

If you’ve been around the historical section for long enough, I bet you’d know Mary Balogh. And if you are new to taste this side of fiction, she is one such author you shouldn’t miss out on.

Mary Jenkins(her given name), a high school teacher from Canada has so many good books up her sleeve to quench your search. This is her ground. Her rules.  And play, she will. Get ready to be bowled over.

Expected date of release – May 1, 2018 by Berkley Books.



(Genre – YA)

book 4

The plot circles around ‘The Ark’ – a pop rock band run by a trio of teenage boys. Jimmy Kaga, the lead singer of the band and Angel Rahimi, a diehard fan of the band get stuck in a situation together. We must wait and read to find out what’s in store for them moving forward.

The author Alice Oseman is a English major from Durham University and is currently a full time writer/ illustrator.

Her debut book, ‘Solitaire’(2014) was met with mixed reviews. Still, this one has been stirring up interest despite the previous remarks on her work. A fresh start, this could be.

Expected date of Release – May 3, 2018 by Harper Collins.



(Genre –Thriller/ Suspense)

book 5

“I could be dead by tomorrow, or something worse than dead.”

says the lead Jane Hawk.

A rogue FBI agent Jane, wages a one woman war against the people in power and tech savvy murderers with deep pockets. Following the strange epidemic of murder that cloaks the city. Jane loses her husband to the same and there starts the story. This is the third installment of the ongoing series, and a much anticipated release of the adrenaline junkies.

Dean Koontz! The man who’s called the Most Popular Suspense Novelist in America, and rightly so.  If you wonder why, you must read Whispers (1980), Night Chills (1986) – his earlier works about which some people talk in total awe to this date.

Expected date of release – May 8, 2018 by Bantam Publications.



(Genre – Indian Fiction/ Romance)

book 6

An unusal love story out of an usual plot. Shravan,  the son of a rickshaw puller and Mugdha, the daughter of a Railway officer.  They try against the odds to grow up and shed the identities stuck with them to make something that’d be their own.

There’s as much differences between them considering the social status and the world they both grow up in. Until something tears them, their new blown love apart and puts them in separate paths. Will they meet again? And if so how? When? Well, answers are inside the book by the author Kamini Kusum.

This is her second book.  Her debut novel ‘Secrets, Sins and Struggles’ did considerably well with the readers. Here’s hoping she’s upped her game with her next.

Expected date of release – May 19, 2018 by Half Baked Beans Publications.



(Genre – Contemporary romance / Erotica)

book 7

Adeline is a princess. Being the daughter of the royal family in England comes with its own set of sacrifices. Only, her spirit is too wild to be tamed like that. While fighting her dad about the marriage that’s been imposed on her due to the family name she meets Josh Jamesan. He’s all that an American actor would be and more. Scandalous, sexy and a total alpha. For someone who never bend her ways,  Adeline finds herself in total surrender with him.

Jodi Ellen Malpas is an Indie author who has made a place for herself in the literary world in recent times. Her debut ‘This Man’ trilogy gave her a reach she didn’t expect. And she’s consistent.

With few names that pops up with erotica among Lexi blake, Shayla Black and Nicole Edwards, JEM is soon becoming one. And she’s here to stay.

Expected date of release – May 22, 2018



(Genre – Indian Fiction/ contemporary romance)

book 8

Twinkle Mehra, an aspiring filmmaker joins hands with a movie geek Sahil Roy to make a movie for the upcoming summer festival. Which puts her in touch with her crush, Neil Roy. Who is in fact  Sahil’s twin after many years. But then, unexpectedly she finds herself drawn towards the wrong twin this time around.

Set for full entertainment the plot swings in ways that would catch the eye of a reader who loves a good twist and turns in their pages.

The author Sandhya Menon is a full on desi heart living by the Colorado mountains at present. She’s fairly new, only a couple books old. After her debut in 2017 with ‘When Dimple Met Rishi’ she’s putting forth another story this upcoming month.

Expected date of release – May 22, 2018 by Simon Pulse Publications.



(Genre – Psychological Thriller)

book 9

I’ll give you a minute to scream! Totally. Because I did.

YES! The king is back with another release this May.

The Outsiders is supposedly the story that kickstarts with the murder of an eleven year old boy in the public park. And the prime suspect is his football coach. With very minimal details we don’t really know what’s in wrap for us. Well, with King you never know.

The author is the most celebrated one that to brief him seems so futile. It’s Stephen King, people. Moving on!

Expected date of release – May 22, 2018 by Hodder and Stoughton.



(Genre – Contemporary Romance)

book 10

That’s right! I was saving one of the best for the last.

Set in Portland’s Maine, the story starts with an otherwise usual evening in a mall until the first round of gun fires. The eight minute of chaos that follows changes many lives in various ways. One who takes an interest in law enforcement and another who struggles to come out of that few minutes even after the years roll over. The plot however  thickens when the isolated incident becomes not so isolated one. The monsters lurk by the shadows to hit again, and whatever life the survivors build for themselves is put in jeopardy once again.

The author is our very own lady, #1 NYC bestselling author, with more than 200 books to her name and approximately 500 million copies sold. ‘The Obsession’ and ‘The Liar’ two of her famous works.

Expected date of release – May 29, 2018 by St. Martins Press.


And with that we are done here. I’ll leave you guys to your kindle and pre-orders.

Until next time, friends.  Happy reading.


Sara Jothi

HBB Blogger

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