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Here we are, in the 21st century, thriving ahead with our smart phones and Mac books. Not a minute to spare or a moment of break. A new opportunity everyday and the increased competition as a result of it. However, wonder, where we are headed with this speed?

Our lives today are almost fully dependent on technology and internet. More than real world, we are living in virtual one. Social Media management is a new career option. And losing our phones even for a minute can give us a mini heart attack.
However, this is a one grave situation and one scary future we all are headed to. We are complicating our lives ourselves without even bothering to make amends for it.

Growing internet addiction is becoming a serious problem nowadays. It has now been affecting the personal as well as professional lives of people and has been changing the lifestyle drastically. With everyone over their phone 24×7, the face to face communication and dinner time chatter is taking a back seat. What is happening in the virtual world is more important that what is happening in the lives of one’s loved ones. In addition to these, looking happy and sharing the life on social media is much more important than being happy in reality. The situation gets graver when the infants are given smart phones in order to be sated and in order to calm their tantrums. That’s the new and easy way to bringing them up. There go the outdoor games, books and the childhood out of the window.
Not only this, the so called smart phones and smart gadgets are rendering people less smart. Everything is available on a touch which terminates the need of thinking. Each and every answer is on your finger tips and thus, no one prefers to do any mind exercises. Hence, for the said exercises, people are coming up with games that are again played on internet.

The internet was brought in order to simplify life by “aiding” in various activities. However, instead of just aiding, it has taken over the lives resulting in almost all of us depending on it entirely. So much so that the recent generations are identified by the internet and social media and the future ones might not have any knowledge of papers and even the real world.
The need for controlling the addiction is high and needs to be done as soon as possible. Otherwise, a lot can be lost in the quickly growing sea of yet another fixation.



Pankhuri Singh

HBB Blogger

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