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Readers are always in to encapsulate myriad bits of knowledge and information in their mind from books, journals, newspapers etc. For they love to read their needs of interests found in books. Some learn through stories while others self-help themselves.


They need profound matters of content to nourish and grow their intellect. While others hone their emotional intelligence through books and journals.


This working guides not only readers but the publishing industry as well. Without a good readership, a published book and it’s author may lose its worth.


India is lucky to have borne out a large population of readers. As India’s literacy rate improves (it rose from 52 per cent to 68 per cent between 1991 and 2008), publishers predict that India will become the world’s largest market for English books within the next 10 years.


India’s major readership lies in the young population. Book sales are demonstrating that the youngsters yearn for the new and unique content.


For what genres intrigue them, can be accorded to the fact that youth is more inclined towards  thrillers, romance and non-fiction. Business books, self-help books and books about India by Indians are selling in the market. According to sources from BBC, “India’s book market grew by 45% in volume and 40% in value over the first half of 2011.


Chetan Bhagat is one of the author popular for selling as a celebrity author. Chetan Bhagat’s novel Revolution 2020 sold more than 280,000 copies. He is known for using simple language that attracts readers whose English is not the first language, especially in a country like India. Many Indian authors like Salman Rushdie and Arundhati Roy, Kiran Desai, who have international acclaim, have not been able to reach out to common Indian readers, mane due to their sophisticated and well-knit word usage and formation of sentences.


One of the well-known names known for erotica is Madhuri Banerjee and Ananth Padmanabhan. Madhuri has written novels which invoke the hidden desires of women. Her novels like, “Losing My Virginity” and “Hidden Desires” have attracted the readers in this genre, however, the market for such books seem to be very narrow because of the Indian mentality. One of the best names in crime and thriller books is Ashwin Sanghi, he has tried to bring in both the past incidents and then portrayed the same in the present generation. Many of his books like Chanakya’s Chant, The Krishna Key and The Rozabel line will sway you throughout the end. Thus, the content is one of the keys for enthused readers who love to feed their minds with goodness of vast genres. The moment a reader bumps into good content, he is tempted to buy a book. Content remains to be the king here.


Another major aspect is reflected in India’s multilingualism where readers, further widen the scope for a book to be published not only in English, but Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and in other regional languages as well.


“Writers in Goa are not very demanding of royalties”, said eminent Konkani writer Damodar Mauzo. “They are more concerned that Konkani language and culture should receive due recognition. But book sales are hindered by the fact that marketing efforts and production quality are lacking in Goa. Konkani, as a language that is spoken in 5 states and written in 5 scripts—Devnagari (official), Romi (Roman), Kannada, Malayalam and Perso-Arabic lends itself to audio books, since they would overcome the hurdle of multiple scripts”, Mauzo added.


A rich literary tradition drives the Bangla publishing industry to this day. There are about 600 publishers and almost the same number of booksellers in West Bengal, said Subhadra De, from Chhatim Books. Even small publishers produce very good books. The Bangla book market is price sensitive. The publishers have to deal with the problem of piracy of their books in Bangladesh. Once known for its high density of libraries, West Bengal is now witnessing private libraries shut down, but it’s government libraries are still strong.


Piracy has emerged as a major issue in Marathi publishing. The Marathi book market is not price sensitive, especially for fiction. The good news is that the readership base is widening, with more readers reading books in Marathi. The NRI market is yet untapped, he added. Interestingly, poetry, a genre that many publishers in rest of India find difficult to sell, does well in Maharashtra.


Thus, it can be said that anomalies in the system vary from place to place which need redressal through the efforts of state governments and regional publishers as well.


While e-books have contributed majorly in attracting vast readership wide across as its accessible on a single tap to every reader in today’s world.


What’s quintessential is that providing  unique content and major pointers about the book to the readers while marketing the same on social media will earn million sums. Social media is one of the best place to connect with readers and also attract the reading hub and then a target marketing plan will do the needful.





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