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Each one of us has stories to tell.  Stories that have the potential to inspire, to lead and, at times, to keep that flicker of hope alive. We bring to you stories that will enchant you. 


Bean Bakers is a HBB Community created to bring together the heterogeneous group of readers, writers and creators. And, in this fortnightly activity we would bring to you stories of these bakers that awaits to be heard.


Today, Areez Anwar Kareem, a bean baker from Bangladesh, shares her story with us and challenges faced by her as a writer.



1.Tell  us something about yourself.

My name is Areej. I am sixteen years old, and studying. About myself, I am a booklover and I have been writing since I was seven years old. A biology and maths enthusiast but not a nerd. A girl who is filled with fun and optimism.

2. Name one author that inspires you the most. 

J.K Rowling.


3.  Name one favorite character that you ever came across.

Arman Kashyap from Till The Last Breath.. I loved his personality in the book.


4. If given a chance to name your autobiography, what will it be?

The Sassy Way. It sounds odd but I would love my autobiography’s name to be this.


5. A quote that defines you/your life.

I once came across a quote that was very relatable and I still remember it, “And I simply decided to be happy again.”


6. Name a poet/author in today’s generation who is setting some high standards for writing.

I don’t really know. I mean I am too young to decide someone’s standards of writing.


7. What is your favorite genre for reading books?

Romance, Erotica and Mystery/Thriller.


8. In a society where female writings are always judged, how does erotica come to you? 

You will be judged no matter what, so you should write what you like. And for me erotica is something I would love to write all my life. It is the form I write in and I have received good feedbacks and it makes me happy.



9. Is Bangladeshi society open to women writing erotica ? Any strange incident related to publishing of your pieces ever?

No it isn’t open. Erotica is still considered vulgar and dirty. There are no incident related to publishing but when some people read my work they question my virginity status which I believe is none of their business and the genre and my sex life has no relation.



10. How has Wattpad helped you evolve as a writer?

Wattpad is a great site. I get to interact with fellow writers and readers and their comments on my works has helped me improve my writing style. There are a lot of stories on WattpadI have read and learnt ways of writing from aspiring writers over there.



11. Have your parents read your writings?

No they haven’t. They know I write and have my writings on different sites but they haven’t read it. But I think they will be cool with it as long as I am happy.


12. How do you feel to be a part of Half baked beans?

It’s great to be here, I was just an on and off visitor in the HBB page, later I was taken into the HBB international corner. It felt so good. The tasks are fun and so is interacting with fellow members. I look forward to be a more active member in HBB.

13. Quote few of your favourite erotica lines that you have written.

“Cherish the moment,

Claim your territory on my skin.

Let us fulfill our inappropriate desires,

Of delight.

Plant kisses all over the body,

Make your tongue unfold,

The moist mystery of my petal.

Let the heartbeats escalate,

As heat rises in the atmosphere

Let the beads of sweat

Define our act.”

Wishing all the luck to her in her journey ahead.

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