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“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” ― Jorge Luis Borges.

If you are reading this it must be because you as an avid reader or a bookworm. You must be the kind who takes books anywhere and almost everywhere and your idea of a good weekend party includes a book in one hand and coffee or a glass of wine in another. I get it, really, because when it comes down to being a good friend books always top the list. Kudos!

1. Books are informative.

Even though technology provides us with all the required information in just one click it does not in any way give us the chance to inculcate our own perspective. So, we end up accepting what Google says. Books on the other hand give us the information instead of conclusions, giving us all the freedom to develop our own outlook.


2. Books are non-judgmental.

When you read a book you are never judged on which character you correlate with even if it’s a mix of characters. You are not forced to be black or white; you can be grey if you want. Anyone can thus seek solace in books even in a world where you are judged for every teeny-weeny thing.


3. Books develops imagination.

“There are many ways to enlarge your child’s imagination and books are the best of them all.”
At different stages of life when you read the same book, you get different meanings out of it because your experiences of the world changes quite often and so does your imagination. The more you read the more you can imagine and create.



4. Books remind us it’s okay to feel sad sometime.

I believe that paper has more patience than people.
 Books aren’t ashamed of your sensitive nature. They allow you to feel and express all the emotions that exist. They teach you that It’s perfectly okay to feel sad sometimes and that it just makes you more human. At the same time they lift your spirit. They cheer the mood, soothe the soul, and cause hearty guffaws and belly laughs. Books always know exactly what you need.


5. Books are reader’s baby.

You see readers tend to take care of their books as if they have a life of their own. Even a tiny bend of the cover can get them real angry and they will do anything to restore it to normal. Books thus turn you into a caring and passionate human being.



6. Books make it easier for you to pick friends:

A simple question i.e. ‘What are some of your favorite books?’ can help your pick up the best and your kind of people easily. However at the same time I believe that “There is no friend as loyal as a book.”



7. Books empowers one.


Books are particularly known as a source of power, the power to face any adverse situation. Be it by creating a different outlook towards life or by explaining how evolution of you is important books are always there to help you. They are happy to share advice, but they always do so in the nicest way possible. They don’t yell, nag or lecture.

8. Books are huggable.

You can hug your books anytime and it will never say no. Most of the readers tend to read at night and thus end up sleeping with it.
Books stimulate a love for the literature and keep one busy with the best of the thoughts.
So don’t you want a free hug?


9. Books adjust with your needs.

Books don’t curse you when you set the alarm early, and they won’t yawn at your face when you’re together. They’re happy to share the sunrise and in case you can’t sleep, books will get your through your insomnia. They don’t get tired and aren’t afraid of the dark. In fact there’s a book out there for everyone. All interests, genres, shapes and sizes. Electronic books, audio books, paper backs and hardcover.

10. No matter where life takes books will always be there.


Books are the most loyal and constant friend one can have. They are portable. They’ll join you on your morning commute, or a long plane ride. They enjoy a ride in the car, a trip to the beach, and will even wait with you in line. Books are good, patient friends, and will never ask “are we there yet?” You can travel through time to both past and future. They introduce you to places and scenes you never imagined possible.




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