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Books are the storehouse of knowledge and wisdom . They are actually considered as a Man’s best friend. Books contain pleasure, and the one who enjoys such pleasure is called a BOOKWORM. They are the one who enjoys reading and are absolutely devoted to it . But the hardships of a bookworm is known to less.

Let me share with you 10 real struggles of a bookworm.


Disclaimer: “Do not take it lightly!”



1. When you lose the bookmark:


While enjoying the read in the bed, the bookmark slips off without your knowledge. The panic attack of losing it makes your bed more messy to find one. You feel more bad if its a gifted one by your beloveds.



2. Skipping your nap:


Yes! A good book can make you engrossed in it the whole night. You then say “Hi!” to the book and “Bye!” to your good sleep.



3. When the book is returned in a deadly condition:

A little part of you dies when you see your book damaged. You want your friend to handle them with utter care. But you know they are devils disguised in friends.



4. And what if not RETURNED at all:


The worst case probably! As if somebody robbed your asset. Yes of course! Good book are no less than an asset.



5. You hate book-to-movie adaptions:


To you a book is perfect when its a “book” . You get disappointed whenever a good book make its way to big screens. A constant conversation takes place on your mind as what if the actors just do not fit in the characters, the plot and climax shown wont justify the one in the book.



6. When you wait for the sequel:


All these nights, the pleasure from the book made you no less than an addict. And if there’s no sequel of the one you have been reading , you feel empty and just agonize on the period of anticipation.



7. Finding a cosy reading position:


Sit or lie? Book on pillow or on chest? Feet up or down? Finding one good comfortable position while reading is really the toughest task.



8. The  demise of your favourite character:


This hurts more than a breakup. Sob!sob!sob! You are unable to bear the trauma and handle all the feels. Nothing seems to be worse than this.



9. When everybody calls you a BOOKWORM :


You are very well aware of the fact that you enjoy reading and always make your way towards everything that leads to books. And when your friends get to know this fact you are officially termed as BOOKWORM.



10. Running out of books:


When you realise your book rack has all the “read” ticked books, you start making a list and search for more books to add on to the shelf.  Because your major goal is reading !



P.S : These were some, but there are many real, major, difficult, problematic struggles faced by a bookworm.





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